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Audi RS3 8V.1 PFL 2015-2016 (CZGB)

Audi RS3 8V.1 PFL 2015-2016 (CZGB)

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Did anyone say PFL RS3's don't make much power? The fact is not many tuners are able to work around the tuning protection and boost limitations of this particular ECU.

The stock tune is notorious for knock and ignition retard. It is geared towards emissions control more so than performance, and that's not what an RS truly deserves.

Our custom tune not only achieves more power throughout the rev range, but we’ve practically eliminated any knock or ignition interventions with all original safety features and boost control still in place.

The end result is a true performance tune that extracts the best potential of your car under real-world conditions and based on your own build, fueling, and modifications.

This tuning pack includes everything that is needed to get your RS3 custom tuned.
We will ship you all the necessary tools anywhere in the world, including all the software licenses, at no additional cost.

Give your RS3 the best custom tune it deserves.

✅ Remote live custom tuning

✅ Full logging capabilities

✅ Power switching between Comfort and Dynamic modes

✅ Tuning over 2.55 bar absolute pressure with closed loop boost control

✅ 4-bar MAP sensors conversion

✅ Brake boost

✅ Custom exhaust flap control

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